The original from Denmark – since 1979

Sun Lolly is a refreshing home freeze ice lolly that’s sure to put a smile on the faces of kids and adults alike. Made with refreshing fruit juice* and no preservatives, this small triangular treat is the perfect everyday snack. It’s always at hand when you need it and it’s easy to serve and enjoy.

It’s super convenient! Buy the ice unfrozen in the store and freeze at home yourself – this way you avoid that your ice melts on the way home. Keep it stored in a regular kitchen cupboard till it is time to freeze it. Then you simply freeze for 24 hours, cut and squeeze up the ice to enjoy the refreshing taste. Sun Lolly has been a popular ice lolly since its debut in 1979 and is today the bestselling home freeze ice lolly in Denmark and available in several European countries. 

* Sun Lolly Cola does not contain fruit juice.

Ice lolly for home freezing – as easy as it gets

It’s Sun Lolly time

You can serve Sun Lolly every day, as long as you remember to keep them stored in your freezer. Especially during summer when the kids are spending most of their time running around playing and having fun, a refreshing break is needed and great to have at hand. Serve Sun Lolly as an everyday refreshing treat at home, during and after kids play, when their friends are coming over for a visit or as a refreshing treat after lunch and/or dinner.

Choose your favourite taste of summer

The Sun Lolly product portfolio is a refreshing group of ice lollies that you freeze at home. Made without preservatives, artificial flavours or sweeteners, but with plenty of sunshine and refreshing fruit juice*).
Make sure to pick a variety of flavours, in order to let everyone in the family enjoy their favourite taste. You can choose between these refreshing flavors: blackcurrant, cola, exotic, grape, orange, raspberry and strawberry**).

*) Sun Lolly Cola does not contain fruit juice.
**) Flavour offering is subject to local markets. Not all flavours are available in all markets

  • Blackcurrant

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  • Cola

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  • Exotic

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  • Grape

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  • Orange

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  • Raspberry

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  • Strawberry

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Did you know?
We’re born with the ability to smile

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Triangular ice lolly goodness since 1979

Since 1979, Sun Lolly has been one of the most popular ice lollies in Denmark, and today it is enjoyed by more smiling children and adults than any other home-frozen ice lolly in the country. It all started during World War II, when two brothers, Jep and Flemming, started having great ideas in their mother's kitchen in Vanløse. First, they plunged into making essences and flavourings for mineral water, ice cream and cakes; and thereafter, for soft drinks and candied fruit. It wasn't until the '70s, when most Danish homes were equipped with freezers that Sun Lolly was thought of. They are home-frozen ice lollies, which to this day are manufactured and supplied from our headquarters in Frederikssund a Danish town in Northern Zealand.

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