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A ride through our fun journey

SUN LOLLY’S fun and tasty products have been part of the Nordics since 1979. Loved by the small and not-so-small, we expanded quickly to our neighbouring countries and, since 2020, we are even found in China. In total, SUN LOLLY products are enjoyed in 15 countries across two continents and counting. With a growing product portfolio ranging from the iconic ice to tasty drinks – there‚Äôs bound to be a SUN LOLLY to suit every occasion, making children happy wherever they are.


SUN LOLLY was originally launched in Denmark with three flavours: Champagne (Grape), Pineapple and Orange. Right from the beginning SUN LOLLY was marketed in magazines and tabloids with catchy ads and humoristic texts.


We first started exporting to our neighbouring countries and then over time
to most of Europe.

The home-freeze ice concept was nicely Illustrated to explain new consumers the simple and convenient process.


Our first fruit drink was born: favorite Sun Lollly flavors packed into permisable size.

Sun Lolly Fruit Drink


We introduced an organic certified ice range with a modern look and natural tasting flavours.

Sun Lolly Organic Ice